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Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
2012 according to new york state's comptroller. and it's about to get a whole lot worse. citigroup is laying off 11,000 people worldwide. bank of america and hsbc combined plan for 40,000 layoffs this year. ubs said in october it would cut 10,000 workers. all told, more than 300,000 financial industry jobs have been lost worldwide during the past two years. the bank belt-tightening is expected to continue in 2013. macs are making their way back to the u.s. apple ceo tim cook told bloomberg this week the company will begin manufacturing a line of mac computers in the u.s. most of apple's products are made in asia. factories such as foxconn, a major apple supplier, have come under heavy scrutiny for low wages and poor working conditions. cook said the company will spend $100 million on the manufacturing move in the states, but no word yet on where it will take place. in other apple news, the iphone is getting picked up by another carrier. t-mobile will begin selling the iphone next year. talks are back in the fiscal fight. according to the wall street journal, the staffs for president o
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
york and new jersey. > i was reading about that. the mid-atlantic and northeast account for 24% of all retail sales in the u.s. that is a huge chunk of sales. > > absolutely huge, and that is going to put a big impact on sales. if you are spending your money getting your house fixed up and waiting for the insurance company to pay you back, that is absolutely going to affect retail sales. > i was looking at some of the companies out there: urban outfitters, tiffany's, macy's, wal-mart, target, all down. did they not see this coming? were they too optimistic? > > i think the fiscal cliff made a much bigger difference than people realize. if the average consumer is looking at somewhere between a $500 and $2500 increase in taxes next year, it is going to change their behavior, just like it changed company behaviors when you saw them accelerate their dividends. so, when the government goes and changes behavior, it is going to affect things like retail sales. > quickly mark, the oil market. how is it being affected? > > we saw a kind of terrorist thing go on in the united arab emirates,
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
donations step up this week, the new york attorney general is releasing disturbing details about charity fundraising. for- profit telemarketers hired by charities to raise funds kept an average of 61.5 cents of every dollar donated. 76 of the 602 charity campaigns in the study, lost money to fund- raisers. the attorney general offers these tips for charitable givers: research how charities use funds, be cautious about donating via social media, and be wary of any telemarketer who pressures you to give on the spot. many shoppers head out today to return christmas gifts that weren't exactly what they had in mind. consumer reports is outlining some tips to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. shoppers are advised to check first for restocking fees. amazon charges a 20% restocking fee on media, and sears charges 15% for opened electronics. it's also advised to bring your gift receipt. policies vary from story to store, but the least wonderful time of the year comes when retailers won't take back items without a gift receipt. stores may offer store credit if you don't have a receipt, or m
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
you think about this deal of the icy buying of the new york stock exchange? what does it mean to traders? > > probably not much to traders. they are going to have more access to the electronic world. everything is still going to be based out of new york. obviously behind-the- scenes though, what we are going to see is probably, unfortunately, some staffing cuts. and that is, again, not really from the trader's side, but that is the support staff and all sorts of people. anytime you see any sort of big consolidation like we are going to see here, that has got to be the thing to go. > what do you suspect will happen with volumes today as traders head home for the holidays? will research in motion be the play on the day? > > last night they reported - i don't want to say blow-out earnings - but going into the release of 10 in a couple months, they reported much- better-than-expected earnings. so, the continuation, the momentum to the upside, is still there for rim. that is going to lead - not just the market - that is going to lead that sector. rim is back in play. now, for the rest
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am PST
supporters and opponents are expected at a public hearing on fracking today in albany, new york - and there could be friction. conservationists say hydraulic fracturing for gas is harmful to the environment, while supporters claim it creates jobs and more domestic oil. today in upstate new york marks the final opportunity for public comment before the the department of environmental conservation makes a final decision. in a speech today, former president bill clinton will use his star power to talk about the growth of wind power in the midwest. one study shows adding wind energy to the grid saves midwest consumers between $65 and $200 per year. bill clinton has become an increasingly strong proponent of renewable energy, and specifically wind power. the former president is using his global presence to push for private and governmental adoption of clean energies. in her first major move since becoming ceo of yahoo, marissa mayer is calling for a complete overhaul of its email. the new design has a cleaner look and fewer ads. mayer blogs that's what consumers want. competition is tough
Dec 19, 2012 4:00am PST
. meanwhile, cerberus capital management, a new york based private equity firm says it will sell its investment in freedom group, a considation of one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world--- including the manufacturer of the assault rifle used in the connecticut school shootings. the hedge fund's decision comes shortly after one of its largest clients, the pension fund for california's teachers said it's reviewing its half- billion dollar commitment to cerberus... which also invests for california's public employees. "these pension funds hold more power than we think." john challenger says california's teachers are not alone in demanding more transparency. "certainly its an increasing trend." the selling of freedom group also coincides with renewed debate in washington to restore the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. "we must engage in a thoughful debate about how to change laws and culture that will allow violence not to continue to grow." "as we continue to learn the facts, we'll examine what would be an appropriate and constitutional response that wou
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am PST
goldman sachs has purchased a sprawling home in the upscale bridgehampton neighborhood in new york. the 8,000-square-foot home boasts a tennis court, gardens, and a wet bar. the new york post reports the house was listed for a whopping $32.5 million. ahead of today's sales numbers from mcdonald's, there's at least one burger believer. the golden arches dissapointed wall street last month by reporting a 2.2% decline in same-store sales for october - the first decline in 9 years. now, an analyst with janney capital markets believes november's same-store sales should increase by 1.7%. back in september, the firm downgraded the burger chain to "neutral," but is now upgrading the stock back to a "buy," with a $104 price target. some turbulence for boeing. first, the federal aviation administration issued a formal rule late last week requiring all u.s. carriers to inspect fuel systems on boeing's new 787 dreamliner. now comes word that two different boeing customers have cancelled six plane orders, representing a nearly $1.9 billion loss for the company. groupon stock popped following rumors
Dec 17, 2012 4:00am PST
. the new york taxi and limo commssion approved so called e- hail in a unanimous vote. the e- hail app on smart phones and tablets connects passengers to cabbies within a half-mile radius. the one-year pilot program starts february 15th. southwest, the airline made famous by not charging fees, is adding at least one. starting some time next year, if you buy a ticket on the airline and then don't show up or miss a flight and fail to cancel your seat before takeoff, the airline says you will pay. how much hasn't yet been determined, but southwest says too many no- shows on on its cheapest fares are leaving empty seats, and that costs money. southwest says the new policy could boost revenue by as much as $175 million a year. amtrak makes tracks with a new fleet of high-speed trains. early next year, amtrak will start the process of replacing its 20 high speed acela express trains. the goal is more frequent high-speed service on the northeast corridor. that translates into a 96-minute trip between washington d.c. and new york city. the real-estate broker trick of baking apples with cinnamo
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
for china. earlier this year, we heard from new york times reporter liz alderman on a chinese shipping company that is making waves in greece. > > how successful has this shipping company, known as cosco, been so far in greece? > > it's an interesting story. this chinese basically state- run shipping company came in here about three years ago in a $500 million deal that ever since then has been a model for the country, because what they did is they bought half of piraeus port, which is an ancient port in greece and one of the most important ports in the southern mediterranean. what they did was they basically took an operation that had been effectively lagging under greek ownership and completely turned it around. > > have the the greek people been welcoming of this? the chinese work way is much different from the european way, let's say. > > the chinese have an extremely efficient working practice. as one spokesman there put it to me, they basically run their business by showing that they work 24/7, that has actually rung alarm bells, though, among a number of greek workers,
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
. and, the new york stock exchange landed the most ipo for 2012. larry levin of trading advantage joins us now. larry, it feels like we are already hanging off that cliff. > > it definitely feels that way. everybody is obviously watching for some kind of news out of washington. that is what has moved the market every day for the past couple of weeks. it will be no different today. so i absolutely agree with you. > should investors be concerned about the move in the volatility index yesterday? > > it was interesting to see that, and it is really something that at least active investors watch on a regular basis, so any time the vix moves, i think it is something to watch. > what do you anticipate for the friday trade? > > i certainly think that we will see more lower prices in the market. the s&ps last week went below 1400, this past week. we have seen that, and i think that really shows us that we're going to see more trade below 1400 in the s&ps, so that is really what i'd watch for. > what about the volume? will it be there today? > > i think as long as this fiscal cliff sits in front
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
control. in hospitals such as north shore university hospital on new york's long island, cameras monitor how often healthcare workers wash their hands. "they were really washing their hands less than 10% of the time." aronson says within a matter of weeks, hand hygiene - key to preventing the spread of infection in hospitals - improved 80% and stayed that high during a year-and-a-half of periodic checks. as far as employee representation, he says no union has blocked arrowsight from installing cameras to monitor employees. in less than one year, online coupon company groupon moved from massively hyped to a mostly forgotten $4 stock. paul eggers takes us behind the scenes as former groupon employees vent over the rise and fall of company stock. groupon's stock chart is not a pretty picture. from its opening on the nasdaq in november of last year to today, the stock has dropped more than 80%. during that time, while traders quickly sold off their shares, former employees of groupon like jason bowman were barred from trading their options on the open market until june. "at one point
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)